Moving on with My Life

Around this time last year, I was depressed. I did not have any direction in life. I saw all my friends and family members making moves and doing great things in life. At the same time, I was going nowhere. I was working the same boring job with no salary increase. My social life also took a dive. I never had a significant other. My friends either had girlfriends or were already married. I needed a change. My boss offered me a job in Singapore. I took it. I moved into the Treasure at Tampines condo. I was ready to take my life by the horns.

Ever since I was a little boy, I always felt I was in a losing competition with everyone else. My brothers always seemed to be great at everything. They made the best grades, participated in numerous extracurricular activities, and were the most popular people in school. I was the opposite. I was smart and made good grades, but I was not as smart as my brothers. I barely had any time for extra activities. I was to busy studying. My popularity was almost nonexistent. The only reason people knew about me was because of my brothers. My brothers also dated some of the most beautiful women on campus. I had none. This lasted until I left college.

One day, my boss told me about a new corporate headquarters in Singapore. He wanted me to accept the job. I was scared at first, but I knew that I had to step outside my comfort zone in order to succeed in life. I took the job. I moved into my new condo. It was so beautiful. It was located right in the middle of the city. It was not too far from my office.

A year later, my life is finally moving forward. I am glad that I took a leap of faith.